Inextinguishable Film

Documentary (61 minutes / TV version: 47 minutes)


The lives of Ana Cecilia Niño and Daniel Pineda drastically change when she is diagnosed with a mesothelioma cancer), directly attributed to the exposure of the mineral asbestos. So, Ana along with her husband, started a fight to get a ban on the use of this material in Colombia.

Through the experiences of the documentary stars and the interventions of different experts in the medical, legal, academic and social areas,many details will be revealed about the complexity of the problem and all the huge economic and political interests at stake. At the same time, the documentary portrays the human capacity to transform pain into love and the importance of citizen unity when it comes to generating changes that benefit us all.

Available on: Retina Latina


Best Social Film Award (2019). New York City International Films Infest Festival – NYCIFIF
Honorable Mention (2018)
Barichara Green Film Festival – FESTIVER


 *11th, 13th & 15th -08-21: Cinemateca de Bogotá, Colombia. Cycle: Resistance, peace and territory.

*14-05-21: 5° Festival de Cine Independiente de Sogamoso, Colombia. FECISO.

*19-11-20: Mowies. Worldwide online launch.

*17-10-19: New York City International Films Infest Festival, USA. NYCIFIF (Official Selection).

*11-10-19: Festival de Cine de Autor de Mallorca, España. InFest (Official Selection).

*30-07-19: Cinemateca de Bogotá, Colombia.

*21-04-19: Centro Cultural FUSADER. Bucaramanga, Colombia.

*06-02-19: Centro Cultural CEM. Guadalajara, México.

*16-11-18: Festival de Cine Independiente de Sogamoso, Colombia. FECISO (Cinema talks).

*15-11-18: SENA sede Chía, Colombia.

*15-11-18: Universidad Militar. Bogotá, Colombia.

*26-09-18: Centro Ático, PUJ. Bogotá, Colombia.

*21-09-18: Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara, Colombia. FESTIVER (Selección Oficial).

*16-09-19: Caracol Internacional TV (26 countries).

*13-09-18: Universidad del Rosario. Bogotá, Colombia.

*21-07-18: Caracol TV Colombia (Premiere).